Pick from what is in stock on our lot for quick delivery.    OR... Order a Fred-Shed built special for you. 19 colors of siding available with 8 colors of trim.

Pay with cash, check, Visa, Mastercard or finance up to 36 months through our third party consumer loan vendors. We offer “12 months same as cash” on a 24 month loan. We also offer a 90 day “Lay-A-Way” plan.


In addition to your order, we need:

DEPOSIT: On any special order building, we need a sizable deposit when the order is placed.

DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS: We need your name, address, phone numbers, and a good understanding of how to get to where we are going.

ACCESS: It is your job to provide us access to the spot where the building is to be placed. Our delivery and setup is free, but it is up to you to clear obstructions, trim trees, takedown gates or fences, raise low hanging wires, etc. “Bottlenecks” need to be a couple of feet wider than the Fred-Shed. We need overhead clearance to accommodate the Fred-Shed on the delivery vehicle. Look at this picture for an idea of the overhead clearance needed. We deliver with a pickup truck pulling a flat bed trailer and need to get as close as possible to where you want your building located. We then roll the building off the rear of the trailer and drive out from under it. We need to drive straight out until the trailer is out from under the building. Depending on the position of the door on your building and where you want the door to face at your location, tell us which way the door should face when loaded on our trailer. It is possible for us to turn and/or roll all but the largest buildings once they are on the ground, but loading the building with the door in the right direction can make our work a lot easier.  If we must cross your neighbor’s property, it is up to you to get permission.

FIRM GROUND: We don’t want to make ruts in your yard or get stuck. We will deliver your building when you tell us it is dry enough. It is not our responsibility to repair any ruts made while delivering. Your building needs to be put on firm (reasonably level) ground. As part of our set up, we will make sure your building is level and the door is functioning properly. If you have us place your building on soft ground or fresh fill dirt, it will definitely settle and become un-level, then the door will bind. We can come back and re-level the building at your expense each time.

BUILDING PERMIT: In some locations, building permits are required and other regulations may apply. It is your responsibility to get the permits and inform us of any other regulations that must be satisfied.

BE THERE: When we deliver your Fred-Shed, we need you to be there, or someone with final authority, to tell us exactly where the building is to be placed and approve its location before we proceed with setting the building up.