Compare our portable buildings with others and you’ll see why a FRED-SHED is the leader in quality and value. FRED-SHEDs are truly long lasting and require very low maintenance.

Sizes. We build in widths of 8, 10 and 12 feet with lengths of 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32 feet. Two side wall heights are offered; 70 inches and 86 inches.


Roofs are steep pitched with adequate overlap of sections to insure a leak proof storage building.

Doors can be installed on any side of 86 inch side wall buildings. Doors are only available on the gable end of shorter buildings. Doors are 48 inches wide standard (mobile home exterior quality). Other options are available.

Floors are made of 3/4 inch CD Exterior grade plywood. All wood under our floors is pressure treated pine which carries a 40 year rating against termites and moisture when exposed to the weather (like a patio deck). Our wood’s life will be much longer since exposure is minimal. All flooring joists are on 16 inch centers. Pressure treated 2 X 4s are used on 8 foot width buildings. 2 X 6s are used in 10 and 12 foot wide buildings. The foundation runners are pressure treated 4 X 6 timbers.

Framing, studs and rafters are all of formed 20 gauge galvanized steel.

Siding and roofing is 29 gauge steel with Galvalume plating (much better than galvanized). In addition, the siding has a finish baked on coat available in 19 colors.. The manufacturer’s limited warranty on siding and roofing is 25 years. Various siding and trim colors are available at no extra cost.

Fiberglass skylights are placed in each gable area to give plenty of interior light making windows unnecessary.

Delivery and setup is free within 75 miles except into Arkansas which requires a $24 wide load permit. We furnish enough blocks and shims to support and level the building for a typical installation (visually level, solid ground). Additional trips to customer’s location are made at additional cost.

Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship of FRED-SHEDs for one year from date of purchase. Certain limitations may apply to specific buildings.


Windows are available at $80 each. Size is 30 in by 36 inches high. Add as many as you want to be mounted anywhere between studs. Window frames are white with a grid pattern on the glass.

Shutters are $10 per pair.

Wide Door upgrade is $130. Upgrade the standard 48 inch door to a 72 inch door.

Extra Doors are $200 each for 48 inch wide doors; $335 each for 72 inch doors; and on 86 inch side wall buildings an 8 foot by 7 foot overhead roll up garage door is available for $600.

Colored roofing is available in same color options as siding. The cost is about 45 cents per square foot of floor area.

Anchoring to ground at 4 locations, $60 at time of installation. To avoid the cost of an additional trip to your location, anchoring must be ordered at the time order is placed.

Anchoring to concrete, $125 at time of installation. (Customer provides electricity.) To avoid the cost of an additional trip to your location, anchoring must be ordered at the time order is placed.

Ramp installed at time of delivery: $100 for 4 foot by 6 foot; $150 for 6 foot by 6 foot.

Blocks for unusual installations are $2 each.